Carter's W.A.R. - S01:E01 - Rhino Wars Carter's W.A.R. - S01:E01 - Rhino Wars

Carter's W.A.R. - S01:E01 - Rhino Wars

Carter's W.A.R. (Wild Animal Response) is the untold story of one man's quest to save his homeland, the world's most wild and dangerous continent on earth, Africa. From heavily armed poachers butchering elephants for their tusks to the slaughter of rhinos for their horns, Africa's most precious resource is in peril. Can one man expose the truth and make a difference? Watch as wildlife detective and professional hunter, Ivan Carter, takes you inside the real Africa to the front lines of the wars being waged on its wildlife. In this episode Ivan Carter exposes the secret war in Africa. A war of greed that's putting the rhino in danger.

Director: Tom Dooley
Cast: Ivan Carter

USA • 2015 • Unrated • IMDB 7.8

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